Other Services

We have a seperte concern as V V TRANSPORTS for delivery of chemicals in tankers and also in carboys as per the customer’s requirement and quality. Our Goal is to transport and deliver our products to the customers on time and as per their requirement  ranging from minimum to maximum quantity in tanker deliveries. The following are the transport facility and packing we have for delivering the material.

Sodium Hypochlorite Tanker 3500/4000/9500/13000/16000 Kgs
  Carboy 40/60 Kgs
Hydrochloric Acid Tanker 3600/13500 Kgs
  Carboy 40/60 Kgs
Sulphuric Acid Tanker 6000/7000 Kgs
  Carboy 40/50 Kgs
Nitric Acid (60 & 72%) Tanker 5800/7000 Kgs

50/60 Kgs

Spent Nitric Acid 72% Tanker 5800/7000 Kgs


Carboy 50/60 Kgs
Acetic Acid (99.5%) Tanker 5000kg

We manufacture high quality Sodium Hypochlorite ranging from 30 to 140 GPL. Our Company has always concentrated on developing manufacturing infrastructure needed to efficiently manufacture sodium hypochlorite. 

Our goal is to meet out whatever the customer need in terms of concentration of sodium hypochlorite ranging from 30 to 140 GPL with no compromise in quality. 

Our company located at SIPCOT Industrial complex at Manamadurai which is about 45 Kms from Madurai is over 0.75 Acres of enclosed land with well - spaced out production, administration, maintenance, utilities and laboratory infrastructure. Our plant is operated on a zero discharge principle.